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Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is considered to be the most sustainable industrial flooring option as it makes use of materials already present. It uses vacuum assisted diamond grinding/polishing machines to remove the softer top surface in order to expose and then harden the tougher concrete underneath. The result of this process is a strong, durable, easily cleaned surface which will last  25 years with occasional maintenance.

Advantages of polished concrete:

Aesthetic finish - various levels of finish available from industrial to high-level gloss
Low maintenance - the nature of the smooth surface allows for it to be easily cleaned and as no topical coatings are applied there is no need for periodic re-coating
Environmentally friendly - with virtually no materials required this really is the most sustainable industrial flooring option available
Incredibly tough - up to ten times harder than conventional concrete it offers excellent abrasion resistance
Long lasting - longest life expectancy of all industrial flooring options with occasional maintenance.
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