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Floor Preparation

Preparation of the substrate

The first and most important step before applying any type of flooring is the preparation of the substrate, whether it is concrete, steel, asphalt etc. It is this preparation that removes any existing floor coatings/coverings as well as surface contaminants, Laitance, etc. and leaves you with a suitable key for any subsequent coatings to adhere to.

Our surface preparation vehicles are fitted with built-in generators to ensure we are self-sufficient once on site by providing our own 3-phase power.

At Surface Prep NI, we invest heavily in the latest dust control technology to enable us to provide a dust-free preparation service. All our three-phase vacuums are fitted with pre-separators and HEPA filters.

Diamond Grinding

can be used to smooth a surface and remove undulations making it suited to floor sealers and high build coatings.

Captive Shot Blasting

propels shot as the surface leaving a heavier profile, making it perfect for the application of heavy-duty flooring and car park coatings in highly trafficked environments.

Ride-on Floor Stripping

Fast and cost-effective removal of existing floor finishes such as vinyl, carpet, tiles and more.

NFE 6700 Machines

We can uplift up to 2000m2 of floor coverings a day

Our ride-on floor strippers are a game changer, enabling us to uplift traditional floor coverings at a far quicker speed providing the customer with a more cost effective solution than traditional, labour intensive up-lifting methods.

With our new NFE 6700 machines we can uplift up to 2000m2 of floor coverings a day.

All our preparation equipment is fitted with dust extraction ensuring a dust-free and safe working environment.

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Our contracting vehicles with built in generators offers a completely self-sufficient service once on your premises. Get in touch to discuss your requirements or to find out more.

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