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Resin Flooring

Provide durable surfaces

We offer the supply and installation of quality epoxy, polyurethane, and MMA flooring systems to provide durable surfaces to many sectors such as manufacturing, warehousing, food, retail, healthcare, pharmaceutical etc.

Resin flooring can fall into many categories depending on your budget and requirement.

Starting off with floor sealers and epoxy coatings, which prove popular in manufacturing facilities, right up to heavy-duty polyurethane screeds, the flooring of choice to the food and beverage industry.

It really is down to the requirements of each project which is why if you are interested in a resin floor, we would be glad to hear from you on the contact us page to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Some of the types of resin flooring we provide:

Floor seals
High build epoxy coatings
Flow applied, self-smoothing flooring
Heavy duty polyurethane screeds
Decorative quartz flooring
Flake finishes

Our flooring can also be finished with any walkways or demarcation lines bespoke to your requirements.

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Our contracting vehicles with built in generators offers a completely self-sufficient service once on your premises. Get in touch to discuss your requirements or to find out more.

    What We Do
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